i really should start a dating service. This guy lives near Blenda because he is in Africa. Sailor F Guido was a sailor with any port in a storm…

It turns out that F Guido was a mail order groom looking for gay marriage.  Perhaps Sam Jonah is straight. Still, I wonder what he means when he talks about his huge capital and his intense desire for “a business relationship.”

My friend told me to be careful of the internet because “there’s a lot of shady people on the World Wide Web.” 

Here is Sam. What do you think. Should I take a peek under his investment kilt to check out his huge funds?

Mr. Samuel E. Jonah
Executive Chairman
Jonah Capital and Equity Fund
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Re: Business relationship with mutual benefit
It is my pleasure to inform you that I have chosen to introduce you to a business relationship, hoping that you are willing to execute transactions which will generate huge amount of capital/funds.
I will introduce you to the business if you are capable and interest to get involved. If you are, please, indicate your interest by sending me an email and I will acquaint you with vital information about the business.
This is a legitimate and verifiable government transactions here in South Africa. I hope to have a wonderful business relationship with you soon.
Please, check my profile on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_E._Jonah
and/or you may Google my full name if you need more information about me. Thank you.
Mr. Samuel E. Jonah