Sometimes I get so excited to finish a cycle of edits on a novel, I decide it’s ready to go without giving a holistic read. The solution for this is to order review copies and pass over with a red pen. In the process of fleshing out 7th Avenue South (prequel to 5150) I inadvertently ruptured the timeline and told a half dozen stories twice. I was so anxious to get the paperback book out there. I published it before my review copies arrived.

I wasted a few hours being embarrassed before I buckled down and fixed the problem. I should hire a professional editor, but I make so little from my writing, it just isn’t worth it.

The Prequel to 5150…Set in the crazy club kid era in New York City. Click on image to visit the Amazon page.

I used to think I wasn’t a real writer because I made mistakes. I eventually found that mistakes are a vital part of the Creative Process. So write an imperfect novel, and push yourself to perfect it…long past the point you want to say, “That’s probably good enough.”