My Creative Output

I have a book series, a feature documentary, a band and a YouTube page.


The Psychotic Break Series – Four psychiatric horror novels about schizophreniform disorder and recovery, set in San Francisco and Mexico in the late 1980’s. A psychotic break leads to incarceration, and 5150 transfer to the mental hospital.

La Lucha Documentary – Exclusive link to the private Directors Cut of my Documentary La Lucha/The Struggle – a film about lucha libre, the art and skill of Mexican wrestling

The Acres CD – The Acres is the Band for which I play autoharp. Folkcore at its finest.

Duncan’s YouTube Channel – My youtube channel – experimental films, music videos, and narrative shorts, made in 16mm, Super 8mm, and Pixelvision.

psychotic episode, psychotic break, schizophreniform disorder, folkcore, autoharp, neo-folk, alternative folk, alt.folk, 5150, lucha libre, The Acres, gay history, San Francisco, 1980's, drug addiction, drug abuse, club kids, LGBT fiction, bizarro, new adult, young adult, roman a clef

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