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Thomas Stearns Eliot was a banker and a poet.  He had two sets of friends, and each entered his house through a separate door.  His house, much like the human brain, was divided into left and right hemispheres.  He welcomed his creative friends to his house through the right door, and his banking cronies always came in through the left.  Never the twain did meet.

My three year stint at USC’s Marshall School of Business was a powerful experience.  I likened it to a “mind fuck” at times, but what it really did was put me back in touch with the left side of my brain, where logic and reason reside.  I don’t much like it over there, but it’s a good place to go when living through a great depression.

To honor my full capabilities, I have divided my blog into two main categories: Creativity and Business.  Right brain creative stuff and Left brain logic.  Dunkablog will now contain posts about either – and occasionally, such as this little treatise, it will cover both.  Having recently published my book again in a new edition, and also succeeded in getting the Acres to appear in the iTunes Music store (at long last), I will need to spout off about my creative endeavors as often as I write about the calculating world of business.

Unlike TS Eliot, however, you may enter through either door, and the parlor on the left is free to comingle with the salon on the right.

Happy reading!i